Monday, November 26, 2012

Time for Your Furniture to Grow Up?

Feng shui? No way! At least in the apartment of a full-grown man. Not much has evolved from the college dorm room into the bedroom of a single (or coupled) thirty-something man: trapped in a purgatory between college and adulthood, the fully grown male tends to shop in trends of cheap. Regardless of the necessity, it is almost always the cheapest alternative that wins over the heart of the male consumer. It’s not uncommon to find a cheap set of mismatched pots hanging in the kitchen, a rather bland and undecorative living space, and Ikea-inspired furniture found on the sidewalk during freshman year. The unlively living space of a man on the move makes for a not particularly inviting space. How many girls actually like hanging out in your version of a grown up college dorm?

It's time to put down the Stars Wars posters and put up the wall flat.

Easy, and a relatively good investment in the name home design, Inhabit has launched a new line of wall flats. For all you gentlemen who are scratching your head at the phrase “wall flats,” they are beautifully-etched squares that can be placed on your wall for a completely new look. The squares come in a multitude of designs, each one with its own unique personality. Feeling as busy as a bee? There’s a hive-themed wall flat for that. Feel like drifting around? There’s a wall flat for that. And on top of their visual versatility, the flats are all eco-friendly; created by a byproduct of sugar cane processing, the normally discarded left-overs have been transformed for your living room.

Whatever your personality, Inhabit’s bound to have something you like. Whether it's a new headboard (because you know you actually need one), or something to hide those beer stains, Inhabit's got you covered. It's something that your girlfriend and mom can actually agree to like for once.

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