Monday, October 29, 2012

Seen These Movies? You're Lucky to Be Alive!

Not too long ago, KROQ, a Los Angeles-based radio station, released a list of their favorite Halloween movie picks in the aptly titled, “Top 10 Underrated Horror Films for Halloween.” Of the films that made the cut, less than half have received its due recognition, yet 100% of them made us double check that creaking noise in the darkened corner...and maybe lost some sleep as we waited for the imaginary zombies to invade our bedroom.

And so, inspired by this spooky Halloween spirit, we have compiled our own list of the cheesiest flicks to kick back and nosh on some candy corn to. Please note this is not another list of the scariest or goriest films to freak out to, because the last thing we need this Wednesday is another sleepless night fretting over an invisible demon crouching over our bedside. Like we’d ever publicly admit to that though, right?

Behold – a list for those of us who couldn't handle the original Paranormal Activity. Rather than setting up camp at parent’s bedside, get your camp on with these horror(ible) films. 

Killer Klowns from Outer Space – The epitome of ultimate 80’s cheese, Killer Klowns from Outer Space personifies the extravagance and ridiculousness of any Circus-Circus featurette. Watch the movie for its ridiculous use of extraterrestrial silly straw, stay to conquer your childhood fears of the Circus’s arrival and of the men painted in white.

Bride of Chucky – In true forbidden love fashion, what else can possess a couple to embark on a murderous rampage and elope at good ol’ Las Vegas? Probably the spirit of a heartless murderer bent on revenge, embodying the caricature of a seeming harmless doll. But hey, even murderers fall in love, and when the mood strikes, you’ve got to go with your gut. Or in Chucky’s case, gut the con men.

The Leprechaun Franchise – The beauty of creating a Hollywood film is reappropriating basically any imagined concept for your big budget flick. Case in point, the Leprechaun franchise, a bewildering manifesto of a (you guessed it) leprechaun, bent on retrieving his stolen pot of gold by any means possible. Too bad this Leprechaun (portrayed by a recurring Warwick Davis) just can’t learn how to hold onto his beloved precious metal; the story stretches out over six films, and spans the globe from Ireland to Compton.

Beetlejuice – “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” How many of you have tried repeating this exact phrase, only to be disappointed by his absence? Although, once you watch the film, you’ll be glad he never made an appearance; the havoc he wrecked on the dead would drive the living insane. The otherworldly creativity and thought put into this flick  made this one of the top films in 1988, even though the cartoon is likely the first thing that you think of when the name is recalled.

Ghostbusters – Please excuse this American classic’s cheesiness. Starring some of today’s hottest stars, including Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and Sigourney Weaver, Ghostbusters transcends the atypical prototype of being just another 80’s flick; it kind of speaks to our generation. In the entrepreneurial mindset, three unemployed parapsychology professors start their own ghost hunting business, taking down the supernatural, one apartment complex at a time. Only in New York would you ever have to call the Ghostbusters.

Monday, October 22, 2012


When perusing the skin care aisle of your local drug store, finding a solution for your sudden break out is a dizzying and frustrating experience. With a wide array of brightly colored products available at your fingertips and a limited budget and time span, it’s important to be discerning and decisive when selecting the right acne fighter for you. So why make the search any more exhausting? Conquer not only your acne woes, but your shaving, exfoliating, and concealing needs with three of EVMAN's highly effective (yet subtly obvious) products: Cleanse & Shave, Conceal & Treat, and the heavy duty Wash & Buff! Don’t be shy about toting these cleansers around - the packaging is subtle enough to fit into your gym bag, but powerful enough to make an impression!

So what’s on your winter wish-list? A new shaving cream that leaves that perfect smooth finish? Or something to cover up your momentary acne, all while treating it at the same time? EVOLUTIONMAN's got you covered with these three dual-purpose products!

Cleanse & Shave: We’re all really picky when it comes to our shaving cream, and the discerning man knows when what he’s got is good. So why try something new? Cleanse & Shave is a refreshing spin on the traditional shaving cream, providing a thin, light lather for an effortless shave. The cream is also instilled with Tea Tree Oil to prevent a bacteria-based breakout. 

Wash & Buff: Is your face in need of some tough love? Condition it with Wash & Buff, a heavy duty, daily exfoliator that’ll scrub away your acne with a gentle infusion of Tea Tree Oil, an ingredient used to treat and clear your skin. With microbeads embedded into the cream, your skin will feel soft, clean, and refreshed after a good scrubbing. 

Conceal & Treat: A must have for any face in need, Conceal & Treat, provides a gentle exfoliation to cleanse and heal the pimple, all while covering the troublemaker at spot. The product’s secret ingredient and star warrior is undoubtedly the 2% of salicylic acid imbued into the formula – the chemical removes oil from the pore, all while exfoliating the blemish as it heals.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Skin Care Diet

We all know the age old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but what sort of truth does this really hold for our skin? Of course, many of us are conscious of time’s decaying effect on skin, and a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition has examined the connection between wrinkling, geographic location, and diet! With a study consisting of participants over the age of 70 from countries such as Australia, Greece, Japan, and Sweden, it came as no surprise that those with diets high in dairy, processed meats, butter, ice cream, full-fat milk, and soft drinks experienced a higher rate of wrinkles.

Evidence suggests the sugar in these food products led to the deterioration of the skin’s health, resulting in the unsightly wrinkles. As found in the study, the more sugar a person consumed, the more likely their skin was to deteriorate. EVMAN product developer Valerie Patton explains. "The collagen in your skin is what provides the framework for your skin, blood vessels, bones, etc. It is continually breaking down and re-synthesizing itself. Under conditions where there is oxidative stress (free radicals) and continual exposure to sugar in the body, a glycation reaction occurs where the collagen becomes bound to the sugar. At the beginning, this reaction can be reversed. Over long-term exposure, the reaction becomes a little more permanent and it cannot be reversed.The end results are called Advanced Glycation End-products, or AGEs. Over time, your skin, blood vessels, and other organs are affected by the lower amounts of collagen, since it can no longer do what it's supposed to do - provide support. In addition to making skin appear older, it can also be catastrophic where other inflammatory diseases of the skin and body are involved."

This of course, begs the question: what kinds of foods prevent deterioration of skin? Research has discovered naturally-occurring foods low in sugar and high in antioxidants are the best to prevent wrinkles; diets high in olive oil, olives, leafy greens, yogurt, legumes, apples, pears, nuts, and water were the best to keep skin intact. And while the study remained inconclusive as to whether or not these foods, in combination with others, could prevent skin damage, the fact the wrinkle culprits were discovered is a huge development!

So the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is sure true on this factor – not only will it keep the doctor away, but it’ll also keep the wrinkles at bay!

Monday, October 8, 2012

GQ Australia & The Perfect Watch

We couldn't help but love the series of watches GQ Australia put together in their October/November Issue. You may be asking, "Is it really necessary to own more than one watch?" That question can be answered with another question: you wouldn't wear Bvlgari's Steel Octo watch running, would you?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Male Polish: The Ultimate Ladies' Man?

When EVOLUTIONMAN rolled out its line of nail paints back in the fall, it got a lot of people talking. The reactions ranged from disbelief, confusion, and encouragement. For a commenter on The Undershirt Guy’s review of EVMAN’s nail paint, the idea of men’s nail paint proved to be transformative…at least for his love life! Upon losing a bet, Steve was forced to wear hot pink nail polish in public and update his social media presence with photos of him donning the bright pink hue. The results? A surprising personal reevaluation on the true definition of masculinity, and a complete upswing in terms of his dating life!

"I also discovered that most women (and hardly any men) noticed my polish... and a large minority of women are intrigued or even attracted by it. The percentage of women who are favorably impressed is DEFINITELY larger than the percentage of men who wear it - so overall, my odds with women increased dramatically. On PoF (a dating site), it took 3 months for the "regular me" to get 23 clicks by women wanting to meet me... and 5 DAYS for that number to TRIPLE after I posted the polish photos. On each of two weekends, I had 5 PoF introduction dates scheduled - I had to buy a dry-erase tablet to keep them organized! I picked an Irish hottie (Think "Elizabeth Kucinich"), we're going on 4 months now... I learned that before any girl can like you, she has to notice you... and women notice polished toenails."

Interestingly enough, while many men would turn the other way when offered a bottle of bright pink nail polish, some of Hollywood’s leading ladies men coat their nails with a rock n’ roll tint! Johnny Depp has been seen rocking a deep blue hue, Russell Brand has been spotted with a slick silver coat on his nails, and even legendary rock n’roll sex icon, Mick Jagger, was once photographed with some male polish. Clearly, these men who are known to continually be in the presence of a lovely lady are on to something! 

For better or worse, a nice coat of nail paint really makes a man stand out, but as demonstrated by Steve’s testimonial, there’s no such thing as bad publicity! Or a bad man-icure, for that matter.

While it’s certainly no deal breaker, can a shift in nail color really get the ladies pouring in? For one, it certainly is a conversation starter, and a stand-out attribute. As Steve has said, "There are PLENTY of good reasons for men to wear nail color, and no legitimate reason not to. Decide for yourself!"