Monday, October 1, 2012

Male Polish: The Ultimate Ladies' Man?

When EVOLUTIONMAN rolled out its line of nail paints back in the fall, it got a lot of people talking. The reactions ranged from disbelief, confusion, and encouragement. For a commenter on The Undershirt Guy’s review of EVMAN’s nail paint, the idea of men’s nail paint proved to be transformative…at least for his love life! Upon losing a bet, Steve was forced to wear hot pink nail polish in public and update his social media presence with photos of him donning the bright pink hue. The results? A surprising personal reevaluation on the true definition of masculinity, and a complete upswing in terms of his dating life!

"I also discovered that most women (and hardly any men) noticed my polish... and a large minority of women are intrigued or even attracted by it. The percentage of women who are favorably impressed is DEFINITELY larger than the percentage of men who wear it - so overall, my odds with women increased dramatically. On PoF (a dating site), it took 3 months for the "regular me" to get 23 clicks by women wanting to meet me... and 5 DAYS for that number to TRIPLE after I posted the polish photos. On each of two weekends, I had 5 PoF introduction dates scheduled - I had to buy a dry-erase tablet to keep them organized! I picked an Irish hottie (Think "Elizabeth Kucinich"), we're going on 4 months now... I learned that before any girl can like you, she has to notice you... and women notice polished toenails."

Interestingly enough, while many men would turn the other way when offered a bottle of bright pink nail polish, some of Hollywood’s leading ladies men coat their nails with a rock n’ roll tint! Johnny Depp has been seen rocking a deep blue hue, Russell Brand has been spotted with a slick silver coat on his nails, and even legendary rock n’roll sex icon, Mick Jagger, was once photographed with some male polish. Clearly, these men who are known to continually be in the presence of a lovely lady are on to something! 

For better or worse, a nice coat of nail paint really makes a man stand out, but as demonstrated by Steve’s testimonial, there’s no such thing as bad publicity! Or a bad man-icure, for that matter.

While it’s certainly no deal breaker, can a shift in nail color really get the ladies pouring in? For one, it certainly is a conversation starter, and a stand-out attribute. As Steve has said, "There are PLENTY of good reasons for men to wear nail color, and no legitimate reason not to. Decide for yourself!" 


  1. I also find it is an ice breaker. Women will start a conversation out of the blue to talk about polish. That would never happen before I started wearing polish. If a girl can talk or play football, why can't a guy wear polish?

    1. We agree - it definitely makes a guy stand out of the crowd!