Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Billy Zane on Sustainability

Ecofabulous.com is the online authority for stylish, sustainable living - your inside source for all things both "eco" and fabulous." Founder Zem Joaquin likes to make sure ecofabulous products meet three criteria:  1) The product and process to manufacture it are toxin-free for personal health and the environment   2) When the product has fulfilled its life duties, it biodegrades or has a plan for its next life   3) The product exemplifies superior quality and aesthetic design - basically, does it work as well as look good? 
Ecofabulous was recently able to interview Hollywood actor Billy Zane, in collaboration with the eBay Green Team, to bring you his top ecofabulous picks as part of the Tastemaker Top Ten Series. Naturally, EVMAN made the list. Courtesy of ecofabulous.com, here's a few thoughts on how Billy Zane lives sustainably.

ecofabulous: What makes you feel ecofabulous?
Billy Zane: I feel ecofabulous when I create an art piece many times more valuable than the sum of all its discarded parts.

ecofabulous: At ecofabulous, we often talk about the value (for your pocket book and the planet) of buying pre-owned and vintage. Is there anything you're shopping for that's pre-owned lately?
Billy Zane: I buy vintage clothes often as my style and sensibilities are pretty retro. I prefer vintage boots, watches, ties, and often find vintage and antique items make better gifts. They are well made, often by hand with better ratios of precious metals, and feel like one of a kind. [I buy] vintage frames for shades and specks always – just better looking, better weight, and sense of style. These are my natural inclinations and preferences. I’m so glad they could align with the current logic of environmentalism.

Which EVMAN product made Billy Zane's top picks? 

The EVMAN Recycled Tire Bag - fashioned from recycled innertubes, each bag is handmade in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.The material is durable, stain-proof, and waterproof. Of the bag, Billy Zane says, "I think this item is quite clever. Looks smart too!"

How else does EVOLUTIONMAN live sustainably? We are proud that all of our recyclable tubes are made with post-consumer recycled materials. Our boxes use paper generated from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and bear the SFI logo. We also source and manufacture all of our products locally in the United States. This is proof positive that environmental can be stylish.

About Billy Zane: Best known for his achievements as an actor in over 80 films and television shows including Memphis Belle, Dead calm, Tombstone, Sniper, Zoolander, Orlando, The Phantom, Twin peaks and of course Titanic, Billy Zane has been dedicated to developing and promoting his passion for social activism. A partner in the top convergent media distribution platform Radioactive Giant, Billy enables not only the agendas and initiatives of his fellow artists, politicians, activists, leaders and citizens, but also his personal project due to launch officially this September internationally on all digital platforms; It is, quite simply and refreshingly…A Good News Network.

EVOLUTIONMAN would like to thank ecofabulous for the information in this post. All information provided about Mr. Zane and ecofabulous is property of ecofabulous.com. For the original interview, and to read more of Mr. Zane's Tastemaker Picks, please click here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Endemic Agenda

The gentlemen at EVMAN came across Los Angeles-based brand the other day called Endemic. The label has a unique oath and gives a portion of profits to social and environmental causes each year. What stood out to us is that these guys make all the pieces in the collection domestically and strive to take a different approach then your average apparel company, which we can really dig. After carousing the recently launched website and browsing the spring/summer collection, we can say that we can expect some good things coming from the crew at Endemic. Be sure to grab yourself some here on the Endemic website or from Los Angeles area stockists carrying Endemic.

Endemic is located at 578 Washington Blvd. #511, Venice, CA 90292.

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