Monday, December 3, 2012

Too Good to Be True?

For those of y'all familiar with country trio Eden's Edge, who knew that the sole man in the group, guitarist and vocalist Dean Berner, has used EVOLUTIONMAN? And who better to use it than a real country star - imagine what damage can be done following a (really) late night rocking out in a dark, smoky room!

A little about Eden's Edge for those of you unfamiliar: having originated from Arkansas, the group is signed to Big Machine Records, and have experienced a surge in success since. Discovered by a CMT-sponsored contest in 2006, they have recently released their latest single, "Too Good to Be True."

In a recent photo shoot by People Country Magazine, Dean's make-up artist used EVOLUTIONMAN products for a flawless finish. And look how good he looks in the photo! (Not that he didn't look good before, right?) 

But that's all it really takes to get a smooth, glowing finish - the saying "a little goes a long way" really stands true to EVMAN products, and, as evident in the photograph, Dean's make-up artist knows just the right amount to keep his face looking great in the throes of a music tour!

Ask any music star that's toured and traversed the globe; travelling and putting your best show out there night after night is tiring business! Which is why for country musicians like Dean, we recommend our whole skin care kit to keep his skin refreshed. To keep his skin glowing won't be a task "too good to be true!"

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