Tuesday, November 20, 2012

EvolutionMan Meets Ricky's!

In true East meets West fashion, we at Los Angeles based EVOLUTIONMAN are proud to announce our latest East Coast-based retailer, Ricky’s NYC. Ricky’s, a free-spirited beauty retail chain, will begin carrying EVMAN products this coming December. The collaboration between us two beauty giants signifies EVOLUTIONMAN’s launch into one of the most revered one-stop beauty shops in the East.

Completely unlike any other men’s cosmetic product on Ricky’s shelves, our introduction into the Ricky’s family signifies a new-found focus on making high-quality men’s grooming products available to an equally discerning demographic. Ricky’s cult-like following will have access to our matchless line of skincare products, including the award-winning Wash & Buff, Conceal & Treat (a highly praised acne fighting concealer) and nail polishes designed with the man in mind!

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