Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Trends: Clad Cavalier

When you buy from Clad Cavalier, you know you're going to look good. Browse the website and any man (or discerning girlfriend) will see the artisan effort exuding from these looks. Even though these models make the handpicked outfits look as effortless as rolling out of bed, with Clad Cavalier, you sure won't feel that way. And the best part is that there's a look for any time of day, event, or personality. Whether you're going out for a night in Hollywood or strolling around in Portland, Clad's got you covered. To commemorate the upcoming shift in seasons, we've compiled our favorite looks from Clad. 

The top left outfit is great for business-casual workdays, a library trip, or a long study session at your favorite coffee shop. The grey scarf is sure to be a favorite for those cool fall days, and when paired with the black backpack, you're sure to be the most stylin' guy in your lecture hall. And of course, we like the bottom right look for it's multipurpose function: a great outfit for everyday wear, or as a daring force to be reckoned with on a night out on the town.

The best part of Clad Cavalier is that these outfits come completely pre-styled for you. So when you buy the blue bomber jacket, you also get the black jeans. Don't forget the confidence though - these outfits look their best when you put them on, ready to rock them. 

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