Monday, September 17, 2012

Ingredient Spotlight: Green Tea Extract

Image via PrecisionNutrition
Not only is green tea good brewed, but it’s great for your skin too! Green tea has been steeped for over 4000 years by people all around the world, most notably discovered and brewed by the Chinese. Historically, most of Asia has utilized the tea for its healthy properties, and the green leaf was used to treat most medical maladies, including bleeding, blood sugar, and digestion. The tea was so popular it even inspired the book, Kissa Yojoki, outlining the many health benefits of the popular substance. Eventually, the tea found its way to the Western world, where it continues to be brewed just as it was in 600 AD.

Today, the tea continues to be revered for its many surprising benefits, even as an extract for your skin. Green tea extract, an herbal derivative of the plant, has been recently discovered to help combat skin cancer (when properly taken), and reduce irritation when applied topically. It’s so soothing, EVMAN has even ensured the extract is in some of its most popular items, including Conceal & Treat. The anti-inflammatory soothes skin and razor burn, eliminating some of skin’s biggest problem spots.

Used solely as a tea, however, the tea provides an effective and relatively inexpensive remedy for acne in general. By brewing the sencha tea in hot water and allowing the tea to steep for about 20 minutes, you can take advantage of the cooling tea’s healing properties with a cotton ball. Dab the cotton ball on your problem spots and use it like a face wipe, where the tea will soothe your face, gather excess oil, and dry up your acne.

Although it certainly is an acquired taste, the many health benefits resulting from the tea won’t leave a sour taste in your mouth – there’s a reason this tea has been a hit for nearly 4000 years!

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