Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Skin Cancer Prevention App

Earlier this year, we reviewed an app from Solaveil that helped you to put on sunscreen. Now, we have another app for you. Just because you're done with fun in the sun, doesn't mean you don't have any work to do in skincare prevention. Aside from the fact you should be wearing SPF daily, all those days outdoors means you should monitor your skin for any changes. Luckily, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an iPhone app for your phone that makes checking for cancerous moles easy. 

UMSkinCheck provides tools to help users identify suspicious moles and keep track of them. Since remembering how new a mole is can be hard, you'll have years of scans to help you figure out if it appeared before or after that trip to the beach. Since pictures never lie,the pics saved in this app can provide an accurate representation of your moles for your dermatologist to see. The only con we saw was that you'll need a second person you're comfortable enough with to get naked and take pictures of your skin in various poses, including your bum. 

This app also has other handy tools, including reminding you when you need to perform your self exam, and your yearly full-body scan. All in all, a very handy app that is free for download from the iTunes store. 

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