Monday, November 5, 2012

Buy One, Give One to the Jeff Griffith Youth Center

Driving down the streets of LA, it's hard not to notice the utter decadence the city showers upon itself. A stroll down Rodeo Drive screams extravagance, while a drive down Sunset Boulevard exhibits the most supreme examples of success in Hollywood. Santa Monica Boulevard, a stylish and luxurious street that curves through the heart of West Hollywood, just so happens to teeter between two socioeconomic extremes. Just beyond a cluster of high-end fashion stores, theatrical hot spots, and more Starbucks than you can shake a stick at, a clear division of the boulevard becomes apparent.

For some of us, this unsettling shift in condition simply becomes a change in scenery as we drive by. Yet for the residents who have endured the brunt of life's dice roll, the boulevard has become their home. Building corners and sidewalks are transformed into their residence for a night, and as the tough times linger, so do the often addictive difficulties that surround their lifestyle. For those in the LGBT community that have endured the unkindness of the LA streets, all while juggling the emotional turmoil of coming out in a less than receptive environment, the Jeff Griffith Youth Center remains an oasis in the recovery process.

Whether all you need is a hot breakfast in the morning, or a place to take a hot shower and get a fresh change of clothes, the Jeff Griffith Youth Center opens its doors to the gay, bisexual, and transgender teens of our community. Nestled just one block east of West Hollywood, the center provides a world of resources to those battling homelessness, addiction, domestic abuse, or hunger. In addition to providing aid for those in need, the center  remains a safe transitional spot for harder times by providing a safe haven filled with such things as support groups, GED preparation, and even linking these youth with employers that are willing to take a chance on them to get them off the streets.

EVOLUTIONMAN has worked with the Youth Center in the past to provide facial cleaners and shaving cream for those displaced youth in need of hygiene products. And, in this coming November, EVOLUTIONMAN will be rolling out a new sale: when you buy any product on our site, we'll be donating one to Jeff Griffith Youth Center. It's called our Buy One, Give One sale - when you purchase your next Cleanse & Shave on, you can rest with the fact that someone at the center will be getting one too.

You can find more about the Jeff Griffith Youth Center and their fantastic programs to help LA's homeless youth transition into independent living by visiting their website.

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