Monday, July 23, 2012

Shower Shortcuts: Do or Don't?

Morning-time is hectic for anyone, whether you're a parent trying to shoo kids out the door, or get in that morning work out before heading off to work. Trying to fit in everything we want to do makes us take shortcuts on other parts of our morning routine: the shower. Some of them are DOs - like doubling your shaving cream as a facial wash - but some are DON'Ts

The biggest offender is using your shampoo to clean your hair, then your body

Both products use many of the same types of cleansing ingredients, but they are formulated a little differently. Most shampoos are cleanse a little harshly, as their goal is to strip buildup and oil from the hair. Body washes are supposed to be a little gentler on the skin. If you're, using your shampoo to clean your skin, you're actually stripping away beneficial oils, leaving dry and damaged skin. 

The verdict? Don't use shampoo to clean your body. Do use a moisturizing body wash was specifically designed for skin. 

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