Monday, July 16, 2012

A Smartphone App to keep you smart about the sun?

Solaveil, a leading UK supplier of active suncare ingredients, has released a new smartphone application that reminds the user to reapply sunscreen or seek shelter from the sun through their phone's alarm system. With summer in full swing, the timing couldn't be better. Our question - is the free app really worth it, or is it easier use your phone's timer?

The app uses GPS to figure out your location and corresponding temperature and UV index. Users simply enter in a few details about themselves, and Solaveil helps select an SPF and frequency of reapplication. It then tells you the level of risk you are at and how soon you will begin to burn at this UV exposure. Eventually, an alarm goes off that tells you to reapply SPF.

The application is a great reminder for you and your family to keep track of your exposure to the sun, and it gives advice about other things you can do (besides apply SPF) to keep your skin protected. And, honestly, we forgot about the timer until it reminded us - fun in the sun is always a distraction from applying more SPF. However, generally practicing sun safety all the time, not just when you're in the sun, will work just as well as the app. Like the disclaimer says on the application when you download it - in the end, the responsibility for sun protection rests with the individual. 

With that in mind, no matter the weather, wear a daily SPF like Moisture Protect SPF 20 and reapply often. Drink plenty of water, and stay out of the sun from 11am - 3pm.

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