Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Skin

In true party fashion, we're likely to be found this New Year's Eve stuffing our faces silly with the most decadent holiday delights, consuming an alcoholic beverage (or five), and staying up well beyond the moment the ball drops, all with the semi-genuine intention of working it off the next morning, and to never party that hard ever again. Right?

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Don't lie to yourself again; we're only human. The reality is,  New Year's Eve may be a time for new beginnings, but none of us are able to truly live up to it's revolutionary, self-improving hype. While there is the rare and occasional individual that goes beyond the mold and will lose those extra 50 pounds, by February, the gym will have cleared up, and the treadmills will be available once more!

So for those of you wanting to start small, start today.  Start by improving your skincare regimen! And the real beauty in skincare improvement is it truly starts from within; as a transformative process, you'll need to purify your body before your skin sees the benefits. This includes drinking the regulatory 8 glasses of water a day, applying sunscreen, and even cleaning up your diet to include fresh fruits and vegetables. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Exercise a few days a week. Translation? A whole new you (and even maybe lose a few pounds!), so you'll be killing two birds with one stone!
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