Monday, September 26, 2011

Outlier's Minimalist Backpack

Camping this Autumn? Outlier is now entering the bag market with its minimalist backpack. The pack, sporting a white color, features a new kind of fabric that is lightweight, completely waterproof, and stronger than steel. Outlier's website says it's technically called nonwoven Dyneema. Take it hiking or chuck your stuff in it for weekend excursions.  The bag features a roll top closure, tape seams and packs down to fit in a jacket pocket. The bag has been so popular, the first production run has sold out. Outlier is currently pre-ordering the back for Spring 2012 delivery.

And yes, since the Outlier Minimalist Backpack is 20 times stronger than steel, you can carry a bag of bricks (see image).

Gentleman A of The Traveling Gentleman

Photos courtesy of Outlier. 

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