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Lemonade, by chef Alan Jackson, is a cafeteria-catering style restaurant spanning four locations in Los Angeles.

Something about Lemonade feels very familiar when you first step in. Stainless steel counter tops and a line-up of customers with trays in hand gives your a senses a hint. It's only until you recognize the cursive typeface and familiar chef outfit that you realize Lemonade's design choice. Lemonade has taken the grade school experience you had growing up and elevated it to a higher level. The staff is helpful and friendly, but more importantly, the ready-made food is a knockout. Going from a catered approach, Lemonade offers sandwiches, salads, side mixtures of culturally diverse portions that happen to be seasonal, and, to top it off, freshly baked sugary desserts.

I happened to go with a series of three portions, the Israeli couscous with wild mushrooms, Parmesan, and lemon truffle, chopped sweet potatoes with pistachios, and chicken salad with grapes, butternut squash, and oregano. My lady friend who accompanied me ordered the turkey pot roast sandwich, and in good fashion, both of us partook in two tall cups of kiwi-strawberry lemonade. The food has a feeling of comfort soul food, with the appearance of health. Lemonade caters to both sides of the spectrum. Want a cup of macaroni and cheese with a red velvet cupcake for dessert? Or perhaps you're making an effort to be light on the waistline by ordering a salad and a portion of winter squash with white truffle and chives. Either way, Lemonade has got you covered.

The price of Lunch at Lemonade isn't cheap, although the price accurately represents the quality and level of craftsmanship you'd expect of an LA establishment of this caliber. Once we packed in our last bites for the evening, my lady friend and I left Lemonade with full stomachs, feeling content and blissfully happy, with an earnest desire to return to an outstanding establishment in the future.

Lemonade is located in four locations in the Los Angeles area. The Lemonade we visited is located at 1661 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90291.

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