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Born and raised in San Francisco, celebrity male groomer Chantal Moore began working in the fashion industry at a young age. "I discovered fashion early on. I wore vintage clothes, false eyelashes, and red lipstick to school. I never expected to become a makeup artist - it just turned out that I had a natural ability."

For years Ms. Moore has studied the faces of beauty icons like Marlena Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor.  Fascinated by the transformations that take place with makeup, Ms. Moore used her experience as a model to segue into the makeup artist industry. Soon she began working with celebrities like Dave Navarro, Adam Goldberg, Kellan Lutz, George Clooney, Jared Leto, and more. EVOLUTIONMAN got to speak to Ms. Moore recently about her career.

Q: You're a celebrity male groomer - what do you love most about your job?
 A: I can't think of an aspect that isn't exciting about my job. Creative collaboration with a passionate team is exciting. Connecting with other artists and developing relationships. There are always surprises when you work with celebrities. You never quite know what you are going to get.

Q: What products are you addicted to at the moment, that you use on a daily basis on your clients?
 A: Primers that instantly perfect the texture of skin.

Q: What are some of the most basic (yet really important) skincare tips you have for men?
 A: Exfoliation. It all begins with the canvas and has to be smooth and clean.

Q: Any skincare DON'Ts for men?
A: Don't make the mistake of going out without sunscreen.

Photo Couresy of
Ryan Kwanten
Q: Why do you think men are finally realizing makeup isn't just for women anymore?
-->Societal changes...the media....this is the reality television generation in which the "Average Joe" can become a reality star overnight. Everyone wants their blemishes and imperfections improved or erased, at the end of the day. Everyone is starting to get ready for their 15 minutes...

Q: Have there been any celebrities gracing the pages of magazines and looking sharp thanks to EVMAN?
A: I've used EVMAN most recently on Ryan Kwanten from True Blood.

Q: Lastly, what public figure do you think perfectly exemplifies the modern man?
A: Tom Ford comes to mind...

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EVMAN would like to thank Chantal Moore and Cloutier Remix for the interview and biography on Ms. Moore.

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